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10 Must Visit Cafes and Restaurants In Priya Highstreet, Basant Lok Market

Old is gold, right? In it’s truest sense. If you grew up in Delhi in the 1990s, you would be familiar with Priya in Basant Lok. It was best known for having the iconic movie hall. However, we all know it was more than that, it was a lifestyle! And now, it’s back with a newly revamped leisure and entertainment destination – Priya Highstreet! The lost sheen of the once thriving public space is now a transformed market with several entertainment options, cultural events, grooming services, and world-class retail. But, the best part about Priya Highstreet is its incredible cafes and restaurants. Looking for a way to pamper your tastebuds? Check out what’s new in Priya Highstreet.

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Here Are The 10 Cafes And Restaurants You Must Visit In Priya Highstreet, Basant Lok Market

1. Kunzum

If you are looking for a creative place to relax and unwind, then head to Kunzum Café at Priya Highstreet. This place is more than just a café – it’s a hub for artists, travellers and book lovers. Founded by Ajay Jain, Kunzum Café is named after a scenic pass in the Lahaul-Spiti valley. You can enjoy coffee, tea, and snacks while browsing through books, travel guides and magazines. The café is adorned with travel photographs and also hosts regular events like live music, art workshops and poetry readings. Relax, read and make stories over coffee at Kunzum café.

2. The Pit

Craving for authentic barbecue? Then look for further! The Pit is here at Priya Highstreet. Known for its casual dining and mouth-watering dishes, The Pit has friendly customer service, a lively atmosphere and reasonable prices. Enjoy pit-smoked free-range pork, salads, Texas-style brisket, ribs, soups, wings, burgers, sides, and desserts to tantalize your tastebuds. If you want to have an amazing night out with your friends, family or partner, then The Pit is the place to be!

The Pit, Priya Highstreet.
Photo Credit: Instagram/@thepit.ncr

3. Chard

Calling all the burger lovers at Chard in Priya Highstreet! If you love juicy burgers, steaks and pizzas, then this is the place to be. Trendy and spacious, Chard offers several dishes made in a charred wood-fired oven. Choose from a wide selection of signature burgers like the Ghost Chilli or Double Lamb, or dig into the delicious rolls, salads, mac and cheese or hot dogs! What’s more? Chard is known for its well-stocked bar and cocktails. So, if you and your friends are looking for a good time, then Chard at Priya Highstreet could be your next hangout spot.

4. Bloom Café & Cakery

A vegetarian bakery and café, Bloom Café & Cakery offers a wide range of delectable options to select from – from sandwiches, to shakes to desserts! Sip on a variety of teas and coffees and enjoy the cheerful décor, colourful wall art and beautiful furniture at none other than the Bloom Café and Cakery at Priya Highstreet.

5. Tea Bear

Known for its bubble tea and cute packaging, Tea Bear is the place to be if you are looking for a hangout spot with your friends. Here, you can customize the drink as per your own base preference, sugar level and flavour. You will get a variety of classic and exotic-flavoured teas, jellies, puddings and whatnot! Vegan? Fret not! Tea Bear can cater to your preference with its almond and oat milk selections!

Tea Bear, Priya Highstreet.

Tea Bear, Priya Highstreet.
Photo Credit: Instagram/@teabear.boba

6. Gonzo

Love Pan-Asian food? The Gonzo is here to cater for you! Gonzo in Priya Highstreet offers a variety of dishes, from sushi to pot bowls. Enjoy the lively ambience and comfortable seating while devouring the authentic flavours of Asian cuisine. What’s more? Pair them with mocktails and desserts! Dig into their specialities, crispy Thai dragon roll, juicy Krabi veggie dim sum, and spicy Thai chilli basil sizzling stone pot, and take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster ride!

7. Perch

Chic and charming, Perch Wine & Coffee Bar is the perfect place to be in Priya Highstreet if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Relax and unwind in the elegant ambience while enjoying some delicious snacks and desserts. Choose from a wide range of coffees, teas, wines, and cocktails, and dig into delectable cheese platters, hummus, tiramisu, and cheesecake!

8. Red

If you are a fan of Asian and Continental cuisine, then Red at Priya Highstreet is the place to be. This place has a lively vibe and good music, along with cosy and elegant décor. What’s more? There is a full bar a DJ and a wide range of dim sums, noodles, platters and desserts. With affordable prices, the service at Red is friendly while the ambience is warming!

Red, Priya Highstreet.

Red, Priya Highstreet.
Photo Credit: Instagram/@red_vasantvihar

9. Miss Pinto

Trendy and chic, Miss Pinto is a European Italian restaurant based in Priya Highstreet. Dig into their delicious offerings like mushroom risotto, lamb chops, and chocolate mousse amongst several other options. Take your friends, family or partner to enjoy their exquisite dishes and appealing presentation!

10. Khi Khi

Khi Khi at Priya Highstreet is a cosy and authentic place to enjoy some delicious Indian cuisine. This place offers a variety of delectable dishes, from spicy curries to fluffy naans to tandoori grills. Whether you are a vegetarian or a hardcore meat lover, Khi Khi can cater to all your needs and satisfy your tastebuds. 


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