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5 Deliciously Unusual Ways To Use Tomato Chutney At Home

With its vibrant hue and tantalizing blend of flavours, tomato chutney stands out as one of India’s most beloved condiments. Originating from South India, I never miss ordering it during my dosa outings. Yet, this tangy chutney isn’t just a sidekick for dosas and idlis-it enhances various dishes to elevate their taste. Often, we end up with surplus tomato chutney because of its irresistible flavour. For such times, and for those curious about experimenting with flavours, we’ve crafted ideas to help you savour this tangy delight. Read on to discover 5 deliciously unusual ways to utilise tomato chutney at home!

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Here Are 5 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Tomato Chutney At Home:

1. Use It As A Pizza Sauce

If you’re tired of the same old pizza sauce, try tomato chutney as a delightful alternative. The tangy tomato flavours, combined with mustard seeds and spices, perfectly complement homemade pizzas. Simply spread it over your pizza base, add your favourite toppings, and you’re set. This unique flavour combination, paired with gooey cheese, will elevate your homemade pizza experience. Trust us, you won’t go back to regular pizza sauce after this.

2. Layer Up Your Sandwiches

Transform ordinary sandwiches into gourmet delights with tomato chutney. Imagine whole-grain bread layered with tomatoes, cucumbers, crunchy lettuce, and a generous spread of tangy tomato chutney. The vibrant flavours will enhance each bite, replacing store-bought ketchup with freshness and tanginess. It’s an ideal lunch option that adds a delightful twist to your sandwich.

3. Pair With Pakoras And Samosas

Monsoon season calls for savoury pakoras and samosas. Instead of the usual ketchup, use tomato chutney as a dip for a burst of flavour. Its tanginess cuts through the richness of fried snacks, balancing flavours and enhancing every bite. Serve the chutney warm or at room temperature, accompanied by masala chai for a perfect teatime snack.

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4. Use It As A Nacho Dip

While nachos are typically paired with cheese sauce, tomato chutney offers an equally enticing alternative. Spread a generous layer of chutney over nachos, sprinkle with cheese, and bake until melted and bubbly. The chutney’s vibrant kick transforms the mild taste of nachos, making it a crowd-pleasing dish for parties and gatherings.

5. Flavour Up Your Rolls

Looking to jazz up your kids’ lunch box rolls? Add tomato chutney into the mix! Spread it generously on roti or paratha before adding fillings such as leftover potato sabzi, chickpeas, and lettuce. The bold flavours of tangy tomatoes and spices elevate simple tiffin rolls into a satisfying meal for your kids.

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Interested in an easy step-by-step guide to making tomato chutney at home? Click here for the full recipe.


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