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5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Ready to reclaim your mornings and embrace a healthier you? Say goodbye to those hangover blues because we’ve got the lowdown on the amazing transformations your body undergoes when you kick the alcohol habit. From supercharged energy levels to glowing skin, it’s not just a detox; it’s a total body makeover! Get ready to be amazed as we spill the beans on the five incredible things that happen when you bid farewell to the booze. Trust us, your body will thank you, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this change sooner! Let the feel-good vibes begin!

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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol 

1) May Help In Weight Loss 

Have you heard about the term “beer belly?” It means a person’s large belly caused due to excessive beer consumption. As per the official website of the Victorian Government, Australia, alcoholic beverages are high in calories and stop your body from burning fat. Moreover, it can make you feel hungry and crave greasy and salty foods. Alcohol can also irritate your digestive system and lead to problems like acid reflux. If you stop drinking alcohol, it could not only help you with your weight problems but can also keep your digestive problems at bay. 

2) Improved Sleep Cycle 

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? This could be because of your alcohol consumption. Alcohol can disturb your sleeping patterns and disrupt the quality of rest. While it may initially help you sleep, it disrupts the later stages of your cycle. This claim has been backed by a research paper published by the Cambridge University Press in November 2020, which concluded that alcohol consumption can lead to poor sleep quality and short sleep duration. So, when you bid farewell to alcohol, your sleep cycle improves drastically! 

3) Enhanced Cognitive Functions 

Everybody who is familiar with the effects of alcohol knows that it impairs your cognitive functions. This is because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that can impact your concentration and memory. Nutritionist Rupali Datta said, “Consumption of higher amounts of alcohol has a direct impact on your cognitive abilities. Once you stop drinking, they start improving. Your disorders and depression start improving.” So, if you stop drinking alcohol, your work performance, decision-making skills and daily tasks can have a positive impact. 

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4) Better Skin Quality 

Are you someone who suffers from dull skin after a night of letting loose? Then this could be because of your alcohol consumption. Nutritionist Rupali Datta said that alcohol has a direct impact on your liver and it could lead to bad skin. Alcohol dehydrates your body and can also lead to inflammation. When you stop drinking alcohol, your body can maintain its hydration levels, which could lead to visibly better skin and overall appearance. 

5) May Improve Liver Health 

As mentioned above, alcohol has a direct impact on your liver. The largest solid organ of your body, the liver plays a key role in detoxifying and metabolizing substances. Heavy alcohol drinkers usually face several health problems like liver inflammation, fatty liver and in extreme cases, cirrhosis. According to a research paper published in Alcohol Health and Research World, a large proportion of heavy alcohol consumers develop serious alcoholic liver disease. When you stop drinking, it gives your liver a chance to improve its functions, while decreasing the chances of long-term health damage. 

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