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Disney100: The Exhibition review – AI Walt Disney leads magical walkthrough | Films | Entertainment

Last year the Mouse House celebrated its 100th anniversary, which included opening Disney100: The Exhibition at London’s ExCel.

The attraction features over 250 magical artifacts and 14 interactive installations from the last century.

For British Disney fans, this is certainly a rare opportunity given that the studio is located thousands of miles away in Los Angeles and doesn’t have public lot tours.

But before we were invited to walk chronologically through the company’s history from its films to theme parks, attendees were welcomed by an AI Walt Disney in an introduction speech.

Only slightly uncanny valley, the recreation of a Hollywood legend who died almost 60 years ago felt like a glimpse into the future before we were invited to step back in time to the 1920s.

Treasures from the little-seen Disney archives were on display at the start including original artwork from 1928’s Steamboat Willie (which entered the public domain on New Year’s Day) and the first-ever drawing of Mickey Mouse.

There’s plenty from the early animated classics period too, including a couple of physical storybooks used in the opening of movies like Cinderella.

Alongside interaction panels and tables looking at the use of sound and 3D modelling were some props from Marvel and Star Wars that will make the most dedicated fans squeal with delight.


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