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Do Abyssinian Cats Shed a Lot? Important Care Facts

Compared to many other cat breeds, the Abyssinian cat does not shed much. They have a short, dense coat, and if you brush them out about once a week, you should be able to keep their shedding in check.

However, it is important to note that even though the Abyssinian cat might not shed much, that doesn’t mean they’re hypoallergenic. You still need to keep up with a regular grooming routine.

The 3 Tips to Help Control Pet Allergies

Just because the Abyssinian cat doesn’t shed much doesn’t mean they’re hypoallergenic. In fact, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. However, there are a few things you can do to help control pet allergies if you have them and want an Abyssinian cat as a pet.

1. Brush Them Out

You only need to brush out an Abyssinian cat about once a week to control their shedding, but it’s important that you do this. In fact, if you brush them out a little more often, you can catch even more hairs before they shed, which can go a long way in controlling your allergies.

groomer brushing abyssinian cat
Image Credit: Roman Zaiets, Shutterstock

2. Feed Them a High-Quality Diet

Low-quality diets can lead to excessive shedding, which can drive your allergies crazy. Switching to a high-quality diet leads to healthier hair that lasts longer, which reduces shedding and helps you keep your allergies in check.

3. Vacuum/Clean Often

No matter what you do, your cat will shed a little bit, which can cause an allergic flare-up. But to keep those hairs out of your respiratory tract where they can aggravate your allergies, you need to clean them up! Dust often, keep up with laundry, and vacuum as much as you can. If you can clean up the hairs before you have a chance to breathe them in, it can keep you from developing an allergic reaction.

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Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

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Other 3 Fun Facts About Abyssinian Cats

1. They Have Lots of Energy

If you want a low-energy cat, the Abyssinian cat is not the way to go. They’re known as the energizer bunnies of cats and have loads of energy that can be hard to burn through. They’re always looking for something to do, and because of this, it’s best to have plenty of toys on hand to help keep them stimulated.

2. They Can Be Goofballs

With quirky personalities, you can expect an Abyssinian cat to go above and beyond at times to get your attention. They’re extremely curious and want to figure out everything they encounter, and when you pair this with their outgoing personalities, you can expect plenty of laughs when these cats are around.

3. They’re Very Smart

Cats are well-known for their intelligence, and the Abyssinian cat is really no exception. You can train them to perform all sorts of tricks, walk on a leash, or even run agility courses. They are reward-driven, though, so ensure you have plenty of treats on hand when training them.

abyssinian cat jumping and playing around
Image Credit: Anastasija Kru, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

While an Abyssinian cat doesn’t shed much, if you do suffer from cat allergies, they still might cause problems. There are a few things you can do to mitigate the risk, but we highly recommend reaching out to your doctor before bringing one home.

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