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Everything Nvidia Just Revealed at Its Special CES Event – Video

Speaker 1: Today we are announcing the Super series. Let’s take a look.

Speaker 1: [00:01:00] This is the RTX 40 80 Super. For gamers, it can power fully Ray Trace games at 4K. It is 1.4 x faster than the RTX 30 80 tie without frame gen in the most graphically intensive games. With 836 [00:01:30] AI s, frame Generation delivers an extra performance boost making the 40 80 Super twice as fast as a 30 80 TI. Creators can generate video with stable video diffusion, one and a half times faster, and images with stable diffusion XL 1.7 x faster. The RTX 40 80 super features more cores and faster memory, giving it a performance edge at a great new price [00:02:00] of 9 99. The RTX 40 80 Super will be available January 31st. Next up is the RTX 40 70 tie super. We’ve added more cores and increased the frame buffer to 16 gigabytes and the memory bust to 2 56 bits. It’s the perfect GPU to max out your high refresh. 1440 P panels and even game at 4K creators will love it. For video editing and rendering large 3D scenes, it’s [00:02:30] 1.6 x faster than a 30 70 TI and two and a half times faster. With DLS S3, it’ll be available on January 24 for 7 99. We’re also introducing the RTX 40 70 super. We’ve added 20% more cores making it faster than the RTX 30 90 at a fraction of the power. And with DL SS three, it’s one and a half times faster. It’ll be available for 5 99 starting January 17th.

Speaker 2: [00:03:00] Pax Day is a social sandbox o inspired by the legends of the medieval era where myths, surreal ghosts exist and magic is unquestioned developed by mainframe industries with veterans from CCP games. Blizzard and Remedy Entertainment Day will launch an early access on PC with AI accelerated DS S3 in spring 2024. Here’s a peek at never before Seen gameplay. [00:04:00] Last summer, Diablo four launched with DLS S3 and immediately became blizzard’s fastest selling game of all time. I’m pleased to announce that Ray Tracing is coming to Diablo Ford this March. Here’s an exclusive look with RTX on

Speaker 2: [00:04:30] At the intersection of gaming and creating is NVIDIA’s modding platform TX remix. With remix Modders can remaster their favorite [00:05:00] classic games with full ray tracing and DS S3 and use generative AI tools to transform a classic games low resolution textures into 4K physically accurate materials. We are excited to announce that the RTX remix app will be releasing an open beta on January 22nd. The Community Mod Team ORBE Fold Studios is using RTX remix to reimagine one of the greatest games of all time, Half-Life. Two. Let’s check out their latest trailer for a first look at Raven Home with DS 3.5.

Speaker 1: [00:06:00] RTX is the fastest [00:06:30] growing laptop platform having grown five times in just the last four years. Over 50 million devices are enjoyed by gamers and creators across the globe. Today we are announcing a new wave of RTX laptops launching from every major M from 14 inch as slim as 16 millimeters to the most powerful 18 inch. There is a laptop for every gamer and creator. And thanks to powerful RT and tensor cores, every [00:07:00] TX laptop is AI ready for the best gaming and AI experiences. With an installed base of a hundred million GPUs and 500 TX games and apps, X is the world’s largest platform for gamers, creators, and now generative AI. For AI enthusiasts and developers, we are accelerating large language models for RTX PCs and workstations, and combined with Nvidia GPUs in the cloud, hybrid AI will [00:07:30] take experiences further. Even bringing life to game characters.

Speaker 3: Guess I’m kind of a big deal now

Speaker 1: To power these experiences. We announced our new Super GForce desktop GPUs delivering more performance and gen AI power to gamers and creators. We also announced a new wave of AI TX laptops from every major EM delivering the ultimate in mobile performance. A new era PC computing is here and it will transform [00:08:00] everything we dovid and our partners are excited for. What comes next.


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