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‘I’m a solo traveller and these are the eight countries I felt unsafe in’ | Travel News | Travel

A woman who travelled the world as a solo backpacker has revealed the places in which she didn’t feel safe. The TikToker named Nora, who goes by the name Nora the Explorer on the social media platform, posts videos about her globetrotting adventures.

And she’s now posted a video to warn others about the places that made her feel the most vulnerable – and gave one horrifying example as to why.

But Nora, who is originally from Hungary but now lives in Australia, was keen to say that her recommendations were formed only from her own experiences. The countries she lists are Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

She said: “I still had a wonderful time in all these places. It could have happened anywhere. It doesn’t mean the whole country is unsafe and you shouldn’t visit it.” 

Nora told her fans about a terrifying experience in Vietnam, claiming that her and a friend were drugged in a bar. She said: “So we went into this pub after a few drinks in the hostel with a lot of other people as well.

“We ordered a drink each. She finished hers very fast and a few minutes later she started to act strange right away.”

Nora took the young woman back to the hostel where they were staying – but after Nora finished her own drink she says she “passed out in the shower.” She adds that it has happened to “many girls” in the country.

In later videos Nora explains other experiences she’d had in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.  She said: “These were the top two countries where I experienced men being extremely pushy and not really taking no for an answer.”

But despite the frightening experience she said that Sri Lanka is still her “’favourite country in the whole world”. Those who watched her video chipped in on the comments section with their experiences of places where they’d felt unsafe.

One said: “Barcelona is where I felt unsafe. Definitely never returning alone again.” “France 100%,” said another.

They added: “I’ve been to Paris twice with no issues luckily, but I’m in Nice now and it’s been awful.”


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