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Jan 11th Bitcoin ETF Launch : Final S-1s Expected Monday, Multiple Sources Confirm

Senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg, Eric Balchunas, recently shared a crucial update on the pending approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. According to Balchunas, three sources have indicated that the final S-1 amendment forms are likely to be filed by 8 am on Monday. This marks a significant step as the SEC aims for a simultaneous launch on January 11th. Balchunas’ post is in response to Nate Geraci’s suggestion that the ’19b-4s’ can now be submitted, signaling that the launch is imminent.

Balchunas reposted a statement from Nate Geraci, the host of ETFPrime, corroborating similar information. Geraci mentioned that Reuters is echoing the same sentiment, with revisions to S-1 amendment forms expected at 8 am ET on Monday.

There is speculation that approval in principle could happen on Tuesday or Wednesday, potentially leading to a launch on Thursday or Friday. Notably, the SEC is reportedly seeking only “trivial” modifications, indicating a smoother approval process.

An anonymous source, as per Nate Geraci, suggests that the SEC Commissioner vote is likely to take place on Wednesday, providing more clarity on the anticipated timeline.

Maintaining Caution: Balchunas’ Perspective

Cautious optimism surrounds these recent developments in the broader context of Bitcoin spot ETFs potentially gaining approval, fueling speculation within the crypto community. Despite the anticipation, Balchunas remains cautious, emphasizing that official confirmation from the SEC is essential to solidify these assumptions.

As we await further updates, it’s crucial to note that while the information is sourced from reliable figures in the ETF space, final confirmation from the SEC is still pending. Investors and enthusiasts are advised to stay tuned for official statements as the crypto world anticipates a significant regulatory milestone.


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