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Man Turns Croissant Into A Lamp, Internet Seems Not “Bready” For This

People love exploring their creative sides and often use food to the tool for their crafts. This trend extends beyond the kitchen, with people turning edible items into unique creations, highlighting the versatility of ingredients. Recently, a person made heads turn by creating a lamp out of a croissant, claiming inspiration from a Japanese artist who transforms real bread into lamps. While his creativity highlighted diverse food use, it sparked controversy online. Critics said using edible resources, especially when hunger is widespread, is unnecessary. This creative venture makes us think about responsibly using food resources, especially considering many still face food insecurity. 

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The man began by carefully hollowing out a croissant using a knife and removing the bread inside. He then applied a coating of resin to the croissant and glued LED lights to the interior hollow, resulting in the creation of a visually appealing croissant lamp. In his caption, he wrote, “A croissant lamp is the unique decor you didn’t know you needed! I made a baguette one too, lol!” 

Watch the video here: 

The clip has already gained more than two million views and hundreds of comments. 

A user said, “Are you serious? People are starving all over the world some people live only on bread.”

Another user wrote, “I have to admit that it is so beautiful, but plz plz plz some people are starving, Don’t waste food.”

“Wow… the privilege in this is outstanding. To take fresh food and waste it to get social media likes while people are literally living off a loaf of bread a day. I’d be okay with this if I knew it was bread that was otherwise going to waste!” a comment read.

Someone said, “I think it’s more about respect – if you’ve had to really struggle for food or seen your family struggle for it then this isn’t as funny.”

Meanwhile, a few others chimed in with some clever puns like, “I’ll bet it’s light on carbs too!”, “I was not bready for this,” and “I made one too, but I illuminATE it.”

What comes to your mind when you see this crossiant lamp? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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