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Riding the BONK Wave: Solana Saga Phones Surge to $3K on eBay, Igniting 5X Price Hikes!

The recent rally in BONK’s price can be largely attributed to the success of Solana, with which it shares a symbiotic relationship. Recently, the Solana Saga phone has become a hot commodity, fetching staggering prices in online markets like eBay, with one sale today hitting $5,000. Initial sales of these phones were underwhelming, but their resale value has skyrocketed, with the “floor” price now hovering around $2,000.

Solana Saga’s BONKers Price Tag

Owners of the Solana Saga phone are eligible for airdrops, notably the BONK meme coin, which has fueled a wave of excitement. These phones were grabbed up quickly, particularly after traders realized the lucrative potential: each phone included 30 million BONK tokens, significantly boosting demand as BONK’s value surged. As per the latest update, two phones sold for $5,000 each yesterday and another sold today for $3,361. These sellers already had the phones physically, while several other sellers seem to be waiting to ship the devices.

On the Flip Side!

Notably, the Saga phone offers more than just airdrop tokens. It includes perks like a free month of access to Helium Mobile and a complimentary toy. Additionally, the dApp Store on the Saga phone promises special rewards for holders. 

Recent reports indicate a surge in Saga phone resales, with some devices selling for over $5,000. The high resale prices, driven by the allure of BONK tokens and additional perks, reflect the fervor surrounding these sought-after devices. 

Bonk’s Trading Prowess and Market Impact

Recently, Coinbase’s announcement of BONK trading set off a surge in the token’s price, gaining traction in the crypto market on December 14. The momentum continued as Binance offered zero-fee trading for BONK, propelling the token’s position among top meme coins. Additionally, Solana, the token’s parent currency, gained attention by surpassing Ethereum in 24-hour DEX volume.

As of writing, Bonk, despite a recent 16.76% drop to $0.00002473, has charted a remarkable weekly surge of 73% and a staggering 750% rise over the month. Meanwhile, its trading volume dipped by 27.78% to $1.2 billion, but it managed to beat Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in trading volume over the last 24 hours. In comparison, Dogecoin gained 17% in the last 30 days, and Shiba Inu saw a 12% increase. In the midst of this, Solana faced a 5.38% dip to $74.59, showing a contrasting market performance to Bonk’s recent price movements. 

What next? 

Last year’s record-setting success made BONK a huge hit this year, driving up demand among market participants. People who trade in assets are working hard to get their hands on memecoin because they think it will make their money in the long run. For example, the phone is being sold out all over the world.


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