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Ripple Vs SEC : Ripple Seeks Extension in SEC Legal Battle; New Deadline Set for January 19th

In a week dominated by legal wrangling and regulatory tussles, the SEC’s relentless pursuit of Ripple has taken center stage, drawing the attention of both investors and industry enthusiasts. The latest court filings reveal the SEC’s determined efforts to pry into Ripple’s financial affairs, seeking information on post-complaint contracts governing institutional sales. This move, according to legal expert James K. Filan, highlights the SEC’s keen interest in unraveling the intricacies of Ripple’s financial web.

SEC Filed a Motion for Document Production

In a January 11 filing in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the SEC urged Judge Sarah Netburn to force Ripple to publish 2022–2023 financial statements and disclose “post-complaint contracts” governing ‘Institutional Sales.’ Due to a July 2023 finding that XRP is only a security when sold to institutional investors, the SEC claims these contracts are necessary. The regulatory authority requests tailored discovery to help Judge Torres determine Ripple’s Section 5 Securities Act of 1933 violation and potential injunctions and monetary penalties.

The SEC stated in their statement that these materials are crucial to determining legal remedies. This involves considering whether Ripple should face injunctions and civil penalties. The request is considered an SEC strategy to bolster its position in the litigation.

In response, Ripple requested a two-day extension until January 19 to comprehensively address the SEC’s motion to compel.The trial, scheduled for April, promises to be a pivotal moment in the broader regulatory action against various entities in the cryptocurrency market.

Criticism Mounts on SEC’s Move

The SEC’s aggressive stance, characterized by its pursuit of civil penalties and injunctions, has not escaped criticism from industry leaders. Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stuart Alderoty, has gone so far as to label the SEC as an “out of control regulator.” This sentiment is echoed by many in the crypto space who view the SEC’s approach to regulation as heavy-handed and stifling for innovation.

Is XRP-spot ETF on Cards? 

Amidst this legal case, speculation surrounding XRP-spot ETFs has added another layer of intrigue. Valkyrie Chief Investment Officer Steve McClurg sees potential for Ripple in the crypto-spot ETF market, citing Grayscale’s inclusion of Ripple in one of its publicly traded trusts. As the SEC’s grip tightens, the prospect of regulatory clarity through ETFs becomes even more critical for XRP.

XRP Price Analysis

Market analysis reveals a nuanced picture for XRP, XRP’s position below the 50-day EMA suggests short-term bearishness. However, above the 200-day EMA offers long-term hope. Future SEC updates and U.S. congressional scrutiny enhance market uncertainty. A break below $0.5835 might bring the 200-day EMA into play, and the RSI suggests XRP could enter oversold territory.

Altogether, the SEC’s legal struggle with Ripple and the XRP market’s expectation of regulatory clarity through ETFs produce volatility. Investors must tread carefully as the SEC’s case and its effects on the crypto market remain unpredictable.


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