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Ryanair boss explains real reason behind luggage charges – how to avoid them | Travel News | Travel

The cost of your flight can rapidly increase when you opt for seat selection or additional baggage with Ryanair, as the airline levies additional charges for these modifications.

Group CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary explained that the airline aims to avoid profiting from passengers when implementing charges for hand luggage.

Currently, travellers are allowed to bring one small bag on board for free, such as a handbag, backpack, or laptop bag, with dimensions not exceeding 40x20x25cm.

However, if they wish to bring a second bag on board, they must pay for priority booking or choose a separate 10kg check-in bag.

In an interview with The Mirror, Mr. O’Leary explained that the charges for a second bag were not implemented to generate revenue for Ryanair.

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According to him, an airline organisation representing major carriers such as International Airlines Group, Air France–KLM, easyJet, Lufthansa, and Ryanair, supports this proposal.

O’Leary said: “All the airlines under the A4E group in Europe have said they’ll come together and decide sizes of carry on luggage. None of the airports can handle all the bags people want to bring on. What should be the dimension or weight for check in bags?

“We as an industry need to have much clearer guidelines, passengers get confused. We should all have the same sizes.”

If you’re travelling on a standard Ryanair ticket, and are only entitled to one small personal bag, this must measure 40 x 20 x 25cm.


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