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This Fried Chicken is Actually Ice Cream! Heres How You Can Make It at Home

Fried Chicken Ice Cream is a viral dessert on social media. Before you think it is some bizarre dish in which fried chicken is turned into ice cream, let us tell you that this dessert does not contain chicken at all. Instead, it looks exactly like a fried chicken leg, and that is where the name comes from. If you place these ice cream bars in a chicken bucket, you can easily fool your friends or family into thinking that they are seeing a bucket of fried chicken. However, once you hold it and eat it, you will realise that it is a sweet and delicious dessert that you can prepare at home too!

How Is It Different From Fried Ice Cream?

Fried ice cream is a dessert in which ice cream is coated in a layer of egg whites and crunchy cereal and then deep-fried quickly until crisp. It’s a dessert that is simultaneously hot and cold. On the other hand, fried chicken ice cream is neither fried nor chicken. The terms are used in naming this dish because it looks exactly like a fried chicken leg.

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What Goes Inside The Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

The Fried Chicken Ice Cream is made using three ingredients – Vanilla ice cream, a chocolate bar, and cornflakes. The vanilla ice cream resembles the chicken skin, the chocolate bar acts as the bone inside, and the cornflakes look exactly like the outside crust of a fried chicken. These combinations make this dessert crispy and crunchy on the outside and sweet and creamy inside. If you are a vegetarian, your friends or family will surely get scared when they see you eating this deceiving ice cream!
You can make this no-bake dessert at home for a fun party and fool everyone by bringing these with other snacks, fooling your guests into thinking there is fried chicken on the table. Or you can bring them during dessert time and watch everyone feel confused at the sight of fried chicken for dessert.
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How To Make Fried Chicken Ice Cream | Fried Chicken Ice Cream Recipe

To make Fried Chicken Ice Cream at home, ensure the ice cream is nicely frozen so that it does not melt and lose its structural integrity while you are shaping this dessert. Also, for the chocolate bar, try to find one of the same length as that of two ice cream scoops. Lastly, serve it in a chicken bucket to make it look more realistic to fool your guests.

Here is the full step-by-step recipe for making Fried Chicken Ice Cream at home.


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