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Top Marketing Stories of 2023

Pharma marketing teams had to deal with big changes in 2023.

Q&A With UCB’s Camille Lee on New Psoriasis Medication Approval

The UCB executive speaks on recent FDA approval of Bimzelx.

Artificial Intelligence Changing the Landscape for Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Experts from Hootsuite noted that the primary social media ROI concern for healthcare companies is the time and money it takes to maintain a multi-platform presence.

Fortifying Defenses Pre-Patent Cliff

Integrating artificial intelligence and advanced analytics throughout operations offers pharma companies a pathway to offset impending drug patent expirations.

Strategies for Success in an Evolving Commercialization Landscape

A phased launch approach may ultimately be more sustainable and enable maximum market penetration and commercial success with less upfront investment than traditional “go-for-broke” strategies.

Embracing Programmatic Advertising to Enhance Targeting of HCPs

The precision of programmatic advertising is reshaping the way life sciences brands engage with healthcare professionals, offering enhanced personalization, scale, and optimization in today’s digital landscape.


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