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World’s most liveable city for British expats in 2024 named | Travel News | Travel

British expats have a huge range of cities to choose from. But the best destination in the world for wannabe expats is a beautiful city in Switzerland, according to new data.

The expert team at ECA International looked at health services, housing, isolation, leisure facilities, climate, safety and more to find the world’s best cities for British expats.

Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, took the top spot for the third year in a row. The city has some of Europe’s cleanest air as well as a very low crime rate.

Neil Ashman, senior location rating analyst at ECA, said: “With top facilities, minimal air pollution and low crime rates, Bern is a very attractive city for expatriates and their families.”

Built on the banks of the Aare river, Bern has a pretty medieval Old Town and several green spaces.

Bern’s residents might also have one of the world’s quirkiest commutes. During the summer, some workers choose to float home in the Aare river.

Office workers can put their belongings in a waterproof bag before catching the river home. Its crystal clear water makes swimming an appealing option.

The Swiss capital also has an unusual tourist attraction. The Bear Pit sits on the edge of the city and houses several bears, Bern’s symbol.

Dublin fell out of the top 10 into 11th place due to the housing crisis in the Irish capital city. Housing availability issues also pushed Luxembourg and Dusseldorf out the top 10.

Edinburgh was the UK’s most liveable city, in 17th position overall. London landed in 37th place.

Ashman said: “London remains a very attractive city for expats, with excellent facilities, a comprehensive public transport network and recreational options.”

(1) Bern, Switzerland
(2) Eindhoven, Netherlands
(3) Stavanger, Norway
(3) Geneva, Switzerland
(5) Rotterdam, Netherlands
(5) The Hague, Netherlands
(5) Copenhagen, Denmark
(8) Gothenburg, Sweden
(8) Amsterdam, Netherlands
(8) Basel, Switzerland

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